NanoEnergizer® Made in Korea

What is NanoEnergizer ?

A Unique & Revolutionary Technology in the world, Nano Energizer is a perfect Nano Cermet - which is produced using a Ceramic plus Metallic Coating Technology. It contains 20 Nano Meter Platinum Coated Zirconium Powder emulsified in mineral oil which is ideal for engine restoration & protection.

Platinum is 20 times harder and 6 times smoother than steel, these Nano particles create a hard & smooth coating layer on all the friction surfaces & moving parts inside the engine

Zirconium coating acts like a thermal barrier coating inside the engine cyllinder liner and prevents heat loss. Thus improving the engine efficiency by almost 16.4% which is proven both theoretically as well as practically.

This is the only technology in the World which can convert any Euro 2, 4 Engine into Euro 4,6 Engine without ever opening it for the next 30-40,000 Kms.

Benefits of NanoEnergizer®

Better Mileage
5 - 15% Saving

Single Coating
Lasts upto
30 - 40,000 Kms

More Pickup

Restores Friction Surfaces and Enhances Engine life

Reduces Emission By Upto 70%

Reduces Noise and Vibration Levels

How Nano Energizer Works?

Fill It ... Shut It... Forget It...

Open engine oil cap... Inject Nano Energizer...
The Nano Powder will restore & repair the engine surfaces automatically.


Less Friction = More Mileage