It gives us a great pleasure for me to launch our revolutionary Nanotechnology products in INDIA.

NanoEnergizer,NanoMaxx,Nanobiz,NanoHair90,Nanofreedom,Nanocoatit are exclusive Registered Trademarks of Savefuel Tech pvt.Ltd. Any unauthorized use of these trademarks are illegal and punishable offences.Savefuel reserves the right to TAKE LEGAL ACTION against anybody trying to make use of these trademarks without our express written permission.

Our NANO products have stood the test of time successfully since the last 10 years in more than 55 countries worldwide and we have made a name for ourselves in automotive industry in Europe,America,China and Japan with phenomenal growth through all these years. Currently more than 1.4 million Nano products are exported monthly worldwide with the numbers growing every day.We have more than 200 million satisfied Automotive users worldwide which speaks volumes about the quality and consistency of our products.

India is a fast growing Automobile market comparable only to China where we are already exporting more than 5million Nano products annually.

We anticipate a similar demand for our products in India as well in the coming years.

You are advised to verify the products for authenticity by checking our Hologram on the pouches as well as the multiple security features like International Hard Box packaging,touch and feel before-after metallic surface on box, Tamper proof seal, SAVEFUEL LOGO on Box etc.

You are advised to only buy from SAVEFUELTECH, NANOBIZ or Dealers authorized by SAVEFUELTECH in INDIA to avoid damage to your vehicles.

Wishing you all Indians a great success with our Nano products.


Rajesh Shetty

Managing Director